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Earn an Online Certificate From an A-List School

Did you know that you could earn a certificate from Harvard, Stanford, or Cornell without leaving your house and without having to meet rigorous enrollment requirements? Several prestigious schools offer open-enrollment distance learning certificate programs targeted to working professionals that dont have time for lengthy residencies. The coursework can be challenging. However, a certificate from a prestigious school can make your resume stand out from the crowd.Consider these certificate programs:​Stanford – Stanford offers a variety professional and graduate certificate programs that may be completed through distance learning. Many of the distance learning courses must be completed by watching live video broadcasts through the internet. Some of the science and technology based professional certificates such as the Computer Security Certificate Program (off-site link) may be earned in just a few hours online. This can be a particularly quick way to get formal recognit ion for skills you already>Harvard - Through the Harvard Extension School, students can choose from dozens of distance learning courses each semester and even earn a graduate certificate by taking a series of five courses in a particular field. Certificates in sustainability, strategic management, web technologies, and religious studies education may be earned completely online.Cornell – eCornells distance learning website offers certificates in over twenty different subjects and five fields including Leadership and Strategic Management, Financial Management, Management Skills, Human Resources, and Hospitality and Foodservice Management. Some certificates such as the Financial Management Certificate (off-site link) ask students to complete as few as four courses. Others require more.Earning a distance learning certificate can be an effective way to improve your resume and your skills. Dont forget to mention it at your next job interview.

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A Summary On The Gang - 1100 Words

Sable Hawkins English 102 Vickery 8 May 2015 MS-13 Gang To be considered violent, you must know what violence is. Violence is the behavior with the intention of physically causing damage, pain, or some sort of physical action that would cause harm to someone else. When people are violent, they can form groups. These groups are usually gangs. Some of the most deadly and violent gangs are Los Zetas, Aryan Brotherhood, Latin Kings, and the most violent Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 (Erkan). Mara Salvatrucha is a transnational gang that has been considered one of the most violent gangs yet. They started in California in 1980s (Audie). Why is the gang MS-13 so violent? Is it because of the lack of humanity or because they strip innocence away from everything? MS-13 members/groups are dangerous and should be feared. What are my thoughts about MS-13 and how they can be so violent? The word gang brings thoughts and pictures of violence to my mind. From reading, I see why they need to be feared. MS-13 is not a typical gang. They make othe r gangs look small and only seem as if they only sell small drugs. Participating in sex trafficking, drug smuggling/selling, contracted killings, and murders, MS-13 is another force to be reckoned with (Source). People can be this violent. It is surprising to what one human can do to another, yet if you take the resistance out of a person it becomes easy. I remember reading this one article about how a woman did an experiment where she stood stillShow MoreRelatedStreet Gang Chapter Summary1092 Words   |  5 Pages Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street Davis, Michael. New York Peguins 2008 Reviewed by: Manuel TorresBaez 2october 2017 MLS5326 FALL 2017 Book Review: Street Gang Keywords: History and development, Sesame Streets, bibliography, production, major changes, international influence. Brief Overview The book gives a chronological account of the children television show Sesame Streets. The book was published byRead MoreSummary : Youth Gang And Violence1615 Words   |  7 PagesMarch 27, 2016 Analytic Essay Youth Gang and Violence Delinquent Behavior â€Å"Gang† â€Å"Youth Gang† and â€Å"Street Gang† are just labels used to describe young people consisting of three or more individuals organized to achieve a typical objective and who share a common identity. There is no single and universally accepted definition of gang, gang member and gang activities in the United States, however, the Federal Definition according to National InstituteRead MoreSummary Of Policing Gangs In America1318 Words   |  6 PagesPolicing Gangs in America Ryne Kisslan October 7, 2017 Gangs Professor Nuno In Policing Gangs in America, Charles Katz and Vincent Webb describes every issue in American Gangs today. The ultimate goal of this book is how the gang officers work and the different kind of atmosphere they work in. Their job isn’t like other law enforcement jobs. It’s one of the more dangerous occupation in the Criminal Justice system. These gang officers focus on how they react to public gang issues.Read MoreGang Leader For A Day Chapter Summary2784 Words   |  12 PagesAP English Language Ms. Donohue Gang Leader for a Day Chapter Summary CH. 1- Characters 1 s Name: Sudhir Venkatesh. Sudhir is Indian, he was born lived in California. He walks into the projects and stays overnight with a gang even though he knows he doesn t fit in.ï » ¿ Sudhir respects J.T. s rules and isn t intrusive with the gang. Sudhir is a university student wanting his degree in Sociology. Sudhir is also intelligent because he goes undercover into a gang for his project that will gain himRead MoreMonkey Wrench Gang Summary Essay792 Words   |  4 PagesThe Monkey Wrench Gang By Edward Abbey I read The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. The book is 421 pages, and was published by Lippincott Williams amp;Wilkins in 1975. It is a fictional story about a group of four people who meet, and all want the same thing. To stop development on America’s southwest. Edward Abbey’s purpose in writing this book was to raise awareness about what is happening to, quite literally, our back yard. This book takes place in the southern Utah and Arizona, andRead MoreAnalysis Of The Outsiders714 Words   |  3 PagesPonyboys Story Ponyboy tells us that,â€Å"when you’re a gang you stick up for members. If you don’t stick up stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore,†(Hinton 26). This is what the greasers do for each other: they stick up for one another and build a supportive community. In the story, The Outsiders, by SE Hinton, the book is about Ponyboy and his gang taking care of each other because there gang is that they fight against the Socs. The characters and actions of this story createRead MoreThe Homicides Committed By Ortiz879 Words   |  4 Pagesacceptable by his gang affiliated parents and peers. Ortiz was jumped into the 500 Block gang when he was only eleven years old. He was the youngest member of the gang ever allowed in. Considering his role models included his father, mother, aunt and older brother, which were successful gang members, he did not observe or experience an adequate exposure to conventional norms. Becoming a gang member was part of the family business. Many generations before Ortiz served in the gang and it had becameRead MoreA Article On Street Gangs, Social Networking And Gun Violence940 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle on street gangs, social networking and gun violence. The tile of the article is THE COMPANY YOU KEEP? THE SPILLOVER EFFECTS OF GANG MEMBERSHIP ON INDIVIDUAL GUNSHOT VICTIMIZATION IN A CO-OFFENDING NETWORK. The group of authors wrote the article to show what gangs are capable of while they are out on the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Per the authors, having friends who identify as gang members of certain gangs makes you more likely to be a victim of a gang shooting. Summary The article writtenRead MoreDrugs During The Civil War1421 Words   |  6 Pagesfuel drug cartels and foment violence and death through overdoses from uncontrolled drug potency and turf wars between street gangs. The War on Drugs has an annual cost of $51 billion(Drug War Statistics. Drug Policy. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2016) and since its beginning it has costed over a trillion dollars. Of that trillion, $22 billion has been spent fighting the drug gangs in their home country, $33 billion was spent on marketing the â€Å"Just Say No† message, $49 billion spent on law enforcement alongsideRead MoreCauses and Solution of Juvenile Delinquency in America Essay1726 Words   |  7 Pagescaused by the influence gangs,bullying, and bad parenting. This topic caught my attention because there a lot of kids getting arrested each year for crimes committed and kids getting involved in gangs, also kids getting access to weapons,drugs, or getting bully by other people. However juvenile delinquency can be prevented by offering bullying prevention, violence prevention curriculums and mentoring programs. â€Å"If gangs are dealing drugs or selling stolen merchandise, gang members can become wealthy

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Psy 1010 Free Essays

Psy 110, portions chap 5, 6 7M. Dwyer Fall 2009/ Exam #3 Chapter 5 1. What are the four kinds of reinforcers mentioned in your book? Define them and be prepared to give an example of each. We will write a custom essay sample on Psy 1010 or any similar topic only for you Order Now POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT IS INFORCE A STIMULI NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT IS TO REMOVE A STIMULI POSITIVE PUNISHMENT IS WHEN A TARGITED BEHAVIOUR IS REMOVED BY PRESENTING A STIMULAS shouting at the dog NEGATIVE PUNISHMENT IS WHEN TARGET BEHAVIOUR BY REMOVING A STIMULAS toy removal 2. What are the four schedules of partial reinforcement we discussed? Which produces the highest rate of responding and the most resistance to extinction and why? FIXED INTERVAL reward every 5 mins FIXED RATIO reward every 5 responses VARIABLE INTERVAL an avg. every 3 mins and varied VARIABLE RATIO an avg. every 5 behaviours 3. What is the significance of latent learning and observational learning? How did discovery of these two important types of learning change our definition of psychology? OBERVATIONAL LEARNING learning by looking at others by observing LETENT LEARNING learning that is not directly observable 4. Define conditioned taste aversion, instinctual drift, subliminal learning, discovery learning, direct instruction, learning styles. TASTE AVERSION it is when we recognize a taste and in the future we try to avoid it due to its effect to us INSTINCTUAL DRIFT is the tendency of an organism to revert to instinctive behaviors that can interfere with the conditioned response SUBLIMINAL LEARNING sub means below and luminal light it is the theory that states that a person can learn even with little information which if is continuously repeated DISCOVERY LEARNING is when we learn after experiencing something for our self DIRECT INSTRUCTION learning through given instruction e. g. ectures not experiments LERNING STYLE it the type of style that best fits a individual Chapter 6 5. When we have a memory of an event it is a reconstruction of the event. Explain what that means. What information goes into our reconstructions of the past? Previous info Trace memories of the event Past experiences Context of the person asking the question 6. What are the functions, span(capacity), and duration of each of the three types of memory processes? Sensory memory Short term memory Long term memory 7. What happens in sensory store? What does it mean when we say that these processes are preattentive? PREATTENTIVE –SO FAST WE DON’T KNOW WE ARE DOING IT IMAGE IS CREATEDLD WE SCAN IMAGE AND PICK UP INFORMATION THAT WE WANT FOR FURTHER ANALYSIS 8. The three types of processes that go on in short term memory (working memory) are.. I listed them .. beginning with the match-mismatch identification of incoming information, maintenance rehearsal and elaborative rehearsal—be able to give a number of examples of the latter†¦ GATHER INFO REHERCE INFO REHERCE IT TILL IT IS STORED IN LONG TERM MEMORY 9. What are proactive and retroactive interference? Be able to give examples. RETRO ACTIVE ability to recall something that you have learned in the past after lerning something new PROACTIVE ability to learn second lesson after learning the both lessons 10. Be able to name and give examples of all the different types of long term memory. SEMANTIC OUR KNOWLOGE ABOUT FACTS FO THE WORLD EPISODIC RECOLLECTION OF EVENTS OF OUR LIVES EXPLICIT MEMORIES WE RECALL INTENTIONALLY AND WHICH WE HAVE CONSTANT AWARENESS IMPLICIT MEMORIES FOR HOW WE DO THINGS PROCEDURAL ABILITY TO IDENTIFY A STIMULAS MORE EASILY OR QUICKLY AFTER WE ENCOUNTER SIMILAR STIMULI 11. Define encoding, storage and retrieval. ENCODING IS THE PROCESS OF GETTING INFORMATION INTO OUR MEMORY BANKS STORING IS THE PROCES OF KEEPING INFORMATION IN OUR MEMORY REVIVAL IS THE REACTIVATION OR RECONSTRUCTION OF EVENTS FROM OUR MEMORY STORAGE 12. What are the different forms of retrieval? Be able to identify one of each in the items on your test.. RECALL – IF U TRULY LEARN IT RECOGNITION- MULTI CHOICE SKETCHY INDERSTANDING 13. What are the three ways in which the concept of â€Å"specificity of cues† apply to memory retrieval. RELEARN -REAQUIRING KNOWLOGE THAT WE PRVIOUSLY LEARNED BUT FORGOTTEN OVER TIME RECALL-GENERATING PREVIOUSLY GENERATED INFORMATION RECOGNISATION- SELECTIONG INFO FROM ARRY OF INFO THAT WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY LEARNED 14. What do we mean by levels of processing? MARE DEEP REPETITION PROCESS MARE BRAIN MARE 15. What are semantic networks, lexicons, and schemas? (define them). 16. Name five study tips that would improve student test performance. 20 MIN BREAK LONG TERM NO CRAMMING SAME STATE SIT IN SAM SEAT 17. How do we distinguish between false memories or true memories? MORE REHERSAL CONSIDER THE PROBE DISTINCT BW BIAS Chapter 7: 18. What is language? Define it and be able to discuss its basic components. PATTERN OF SIGNALS GENERATIVE AND IS COMPLECATED SYMBOLS WORDS GESTURES RULE BOUND ENCODING AND DECODING IT IS ARBITUARY 19. What are the early stages of language development? The early stages comprise of babbling in children where they utter parts of words which they cannot pronounce but as the early stages pass gradually the child starts to utter words in a more meaning full pattern and the later on in life they interpret words give them meanings this type of behavior is coved in behaviorism where learning is done by observing. 0. Define phonemes, morphemes, babbling, syntax (Of surface and prescriptive grammar, which of these two is taught to us by our elementary and high school teachers? ) Phonemes is the smallest unit of sound Morphemes are composed of phonemes and a number of them to create meaning Babbling is the experimentation of noise making by the child trying to speak making vovel sound 21. Familiarize yourself with a nd be able to critiques the four theories of language development covered in your book. How to cite Psy 1010, Essay examples

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Coldplay in Concert free essay sample

They’ve had four albums, a few British accents, and the most â€Å"fans† of any musician on With their smash hit Viva La Vida that is still played on radio stations despite the fact that it has been released for over a year, Coldplay has breathed new life into the rock music of this generation. Even mom and dad admit that they like to listen to them. And if it’s possible, they are even better live than on record. I saw Coldplay in Mansfield, Massachusetts on August 3rd. Chris Martin, lead singer of the world-famous alternative rock band, as well as husband and baby-daddy to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, opened the show with â€Å"Life in Technicolor†. The crowd was immediately on its feet – it was a wonder that the people had ever sat down. A group of young men had taken their shirts off and were clearly not completely sober, but it didn’t matter because the audience was high off the amount of presence that the band commanded. We will write a custom essay sample on Coldplay in Concert or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Although Coldplay has been in the business for far longer than some other musical superpowers like Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, it is only recently that they have exploded on the scene. Their past albums, A Rush of Blood to the Head, XY, and Parachutes, had a different sound than their most recent, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. In an interview with Entertainment weekly, Martin said, â€Å"Were slightly terrified about this record, because weve thrown away all our tricks. The truth is, we tried to find new ones.† Indeed, Chris Martin has been more about using his actual voice recently, rather than the falsetto that made songs like â€Å"Yellow†, â€Å"Clocks†, and â€Å"The Scientist† famous. The new tactic seems to be working for him: August 3rd concert included a full house at the Comcast Center, and audience members everywhere from toddlers to geriatrics. They are now well-known enough that blue t-shirts with â€Å"Viva La Vida† scrawled on them by a machine are sold for upwards of 40 dollars. Coldplay performed about twenty songs in two hours, with an array of changing lights, audience participations, and band running around on three different stages. Martin preceded the second song by saying that his concert last night had been awful, and this one had to be the â€Å"best one ever!† (In a distinctively British accent). Although I have nothing to compare it to, it’s hard to imagine a concert more electrifying than that one. The only thing that anyone could possibly complain about was the exorbitant prices that the Comcast Center charged for food – $8 for a plate of fried dough? Really? Nevertheless, the entire night felt kind of surreal, what with huge Yellow balloons falling from the sky, butterflies being shot from air cannons during â€Å"Lovers in Japan†, and even â€Å"Billie Jean† to commemorate the life and demise of Michael Jackson. If anything, Coldplay is a classy group. Even if they may swear a bit, even if their opening act drank beer on stage, there is no one who could have come out of that arena without saying that that performance was amazing, and that everyone in that band gave it their all. It was a warm summer night. Martin and others were wearing black long sleeve shirt. Their face and body were soaked with sweat. Somehow, they manage to do it again and again, every night.

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Leadership in Ancient Russia an Example of the Topic History Essays by

Leadership in Ancient Russia Serge Zenkovsky's (1963) Medieval Russia's Epics, Chronicles, and Tales contains the writings of many Russian scholars during the Middle Ages. From the year 1040 until 1118, Russian scholars wrote "a very complicated work... in the course of some three-quarters of a century" (Zenkovsky, 1963, p.43). Starting with the birth of Russia, the 'Chronicles' begins in 852 that, in the Byzan and Russian calendars, land on 6360 (p.43), then it reveals significant people, events, rules, trends, and doctrines that reflect the nature of the land and its people. One of these contains how leadership was perceived and regarded. Need essay sample on "Leadership in Ancient Russia" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Early Russian beliefs and culture, during the High Middle Ages, reflect that leadership contains the responsibilities that revolve around the following: first is the responsibility to rule his kinfolk; second is the responsibility to rule his land; third and final is the responsibility to rule and conquering other lands. Leadership carried with it the highest degree of honor, even from the ruling emperor: "He (Kii) was then the chief of his kin, and it is related what great honor he received from the emperor when he went to visit him" (Zenkovsky, 1963, p.48). Leaders were 'pillars' that stand on highest grounds. In the 'Primary Chronicles', it is depicted how leaders of ancient Russia carried with them the responsibility of ruling over his kinfolk: "The Polinians lived apart and governed their families, for thus far they were brethren, and each one lived with his gens on his own lands, ruling over his kinfolk" (Zenkovsky, 1963, p.48). However, what is most distinctive is that this state of the privilege-to power and authority-can also be the source of war, death, and even crime. This is seen in certain events when the recent ruler dies, and he leaves behind a number of sons who are all capable of ruling the land, as in the case of Vladimir: "After the death of Vladimir, a fratricidal struggle broke out among his sons. The eldest, Sviatopolk, seized power and began plotting the elimination of his brothers, Boris, Gleb, and Yaroslav" (p.101). This happened despite Vladimir's "moral and political instruction for his children... who are supposed to care for their own souls as well as for the wel fare of their subjects and people around them" (p.93). With Christianity revolving around the land, good leaders were depicted as those who can be described as good Christians and noble citizens. A good leader was supposed to have a good and righteous soul. For this reason, Sts. Antonius and Theodosius were depicted as "remarkable religious leaders" (p.105). In the 'Igor Tale', it is also depicted how leaders of ancient Russia carried with them the responsibility of ruling over their entire land: Prince Igor (1151-1202), one of the leaders of Russian political and military activities of that region, began his campaign in 1185 to drive out these nomadic invaders who, every year, would raid Russian territories, burn the cities, and take the inhabitants as slaves. Relying only on his own military forces and those of his relatives... (p.167) Vladimir, in the 'Primary Chronicles', was also said to have ruled the entire land: Vladimir Monomakh, grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, came to power and succeeded in assuming leadership among the princes. He maintained order and peace for several years, and during his reign of the Golden Age, which had been initiated by Yaroslav the Wise, reached its height. The feudal wars ceased and the united forces of the Russian princes were able to contain the Kumans... (p.93) This gives the conclusion that early Russian leaders in the Middle Ages should have the urge, the strength, and the inclination to push further the limits of his land and his people. He should be capable of maintaining peace and order within the community, for if not, it will lead to the land's destruction, as in the case of Riazan (p.198). If not dealt with accordingly, people will search for good leaders around the area, as with the Slavs in 862 (p.49). Finally, in the 'Primary Chronicles', it is also depicted how leaders in ancient Russia were viewed as powerful chosen who carry the duty of ruling and conquering other lands: Leaving Igor in Kiev, Prince Oleg attacked the Greeks ... With this entire force, Oleg sallied forth by horse and by ship, and the number of his vessels was two thousand. He arrived before Constantinople, ... disembarked upon the shore, and ordered his soldiery to beach the ships ... When the Greeks beheld this, they were afraid, and, sending messengers to Oleg, they implored him not to destroy the city... (pp.51-52) What is most distinctive, however, is that the primary reason on why Russian leaders of the High Middle Ages end up conquering other lands, is to acknowledge additional tributes, such as in the case like Prince Oleg's attack to Greece: "So Oleg demanded that they pay tribute for his two thousand ships at the rate of twelve grivnas per man, with forty men reckoned to a ship" (p.52). There was also the proposition of additional tributes, such as the law to give visiting Russians "as much grain as they require" (p.52). Apart from being good Christians and noble citizens, and carrying the capability of maintaining peace and order within the land, leaders in ancient Russia were also depicted to be politically wise, clever, and aggressive. They should have the right arm and the mind of knowing how to feed his people. The concept of leadership in the High Middle Ages of ancient Russia revolves around the power to rule his kinfolk, his land, and other lands. Leadership was a synonym to power and might, so that it could sometimes lead to war, death, and crime. Being the strong pillars of their cities, they should urge the people that they are, indeed, capable of governing the land-all worthy to be saluted with honor, respect, salute, fear, and praise. With the kinfolk having to choose the leader that, they believe, should rule them, early Russians were actually believers in freedom, democracy, and the privilege to select as they desire. Seizing power, richness, fame, wealth, and honor is acceptable. The power rests on the ability to facilitate. Reference Zenkovsky, S. (1963). Medieval Russia's Epics, Chronicles, and Tales. New York, NY: Penguin.

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Standard, Standardize, and Standardized

Standard, Standardize, and Standardized Standard, Standardize, and Standardized Standard, Standardize, and Standardized By Maeve Maddox A reader has asked for a discussion of the words standard, standardize and standardized: I ask because of a statement I made sometime ago, where I said, we took a standard test. But my friend thought it should have been we took a standardized test. I think Im correct since standard in this context is an adjective that qualifies the noun test. On the other hand, standardize is a transitive verb and it should convey a sense of action. However, when I surfed the internet to see how these words are used, I found a puzzling example: â€Å"There was no standardized time until train travel became common.† Would you consider this a correct way of using the word standardized? The verb standardize derives from the noun standard. Among the different meanings of the noun and the verb, these are the ones relevant to this discussion: standard noun: An authoritative or recognized exemplar of correctness, perfection, or some definite degree of any quality. standardize verb: To bring to a standard or uniform size, strength, form of construction, proportion of ingredients, or the like. Both standard and standardized function as adjectives, but with different meanings. One can speak of a â€Å"standard test† or a â€Å"standardized test,† but the two phrases do not mean the same thing. A standard test is the usual test given. For example, a â€Å"standard driving test† requires the learner to parallel-park. A â€Å"standard joke† is one that is often repeated. A â€Å"standard excuse† for not doing something is â€Å"I didn’t have time.† A  standardized test  is a  test designed, administered and scored according to specific guidelines based on a standard that has been established by some authoritative body. It’s even possible to speak of a â€Å"standard standardized test.† For example, a particular standardized test like the PARCC or ACT might be the â€Å"standard standardized test† in one state or district, but not in another. As for the phrase â€Å"standardized time,† the same sort of contextual considerations apply. One may speak of â€Å"standardized time† and â€Å"standard time.† Before train travel became common, local times, based on the sun or a locally chosen meridian, were sufficient. Once people had to plan journeys with departure and arrival times in different regions, a standardized method of telling time became necessary. The result of the nineteenth-century century standardization of time is standard time: a standard system of reckoning based on geographical time zones. Context, of course, rules, but generally speaking, standard conveys â€Å"the usual,† whereas standardized conveys something systematically designed and administered. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Writing Prompts 101One Fell SwoopApostrophe with Plural Possessive Nouns

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Importance of Economic Growth in Achieving Environmental Coursework

Importance of Economic Growth in Achieving Environmental Sustainability - Coursework Example This paper offers a comprehensive review of the modern application of the concept of sustainable development in real-world economy. Also, examples of successful integration of environment and economic policy are provided. Still, it remains difficult to exactly point how much growth is required to bring about sustainable development. There are certain ways through which the economic policy can be integrated with the environment. One of the important decisions to integrate the environmental and economic policy is to impose environmental taxes. Such taxes shall be charged on any kind of destructions to the environment performed for economic reasons Another aspect, which the nations may look into, is allowing tradable permits. Trade permits are a means of establishing caps or promoting direct investment in environmentally beneficial outcomes towards achieving environmental goals. Through the exercise of tradable permits, investment can be procured into environmental projects. By encouraging technological development the pollution of the environment can be kept in a check. By using advanced equipment for production, the industry can keep a check on the pollution through active means of production. Direct environmental regulation is the most common step, which the nations use to keep pollution in control. Laws on environmental standards and a limit on the green house gases have been the major environmental control acts done by the nations It is important to note that the eco-efficiency has to be cost effective and should be limited. , and is designed by the way a society produces and consumes its products. Ways to Integrate Environment and Economic Policy: There are certain ways through which the economic policy can be integrated with the environment. One of the important decisions to integrate the environmental and economic policy is to impose Environmental Taxes. Such taxes shall be charged on any kind of destructions to the environment performed for economic reasons. These taxes shall be levied on the polluters and the users of such products, thereby not only increasing the revenue of the Government which in turn will improve the economy of the nations, it shall also act as a deterrent for people to pollute the environment as the products will be extremely expensive to produce and consume. This will also provide a counter productive effect by incentivizing the environmental innovators who in turn will have to bear fewer costs for producing their goods.5 Another aspect, which the nations may look into, is allo wing Tradable Permits. â€Å"Trade permits are a means of establishing caps or promoting direct investment in environmentally beneficial outcomes towards achieving environmental goals.†6 Through the exercise of tradable permits, investment can be procured into environmental projects. In this system the Government sets a maximum limit upto which pollution can be emitted into the environment. The companies, which emit a higher amount of pollutant, can trade the cap with the companies emitting lower amount of pollutant, and therefore the entire system is balanced and it is hinging on the maximum cap of emission of pollutants.7 Therefore, each and every company will try to lower its emission so as to